We believe that...

...everyone should have the opportunity to pursue their dream career, regardless of their background or experience. That's why our course is open to anyone with a passion for motorsport, whether you're a school leaver or a career changer.

What you'll experience

By taking this programme you'll experience an exciting journey into the world of motorsport. You'll gain a deep understanding of the industry, from the engineering and technical aspects to business and management.

  • The Interview Process

    Gain valuable insights into the interview process. Topics covered include: different types of interviews and the questions typically asked, as well as how to prepare effectively and present yourself confidently.

  • Clarity

    The confidence and inspiration you need to pursue your dream career in motorsport

  • Comprehensive

    You'll experience comprehensive modules, covering everything from technical skills to communication and leadership.

  • Navigating Automated Recruitment Software

    Learn about navigating automated recruitment software and improve your chances of getting noticed by potential employers.

  • Overcoming Rejection

    Learn how to handle rejection like a pro in our "Overcoming Rejection" section. We'll equip you with practical tips and strategies to help you bounce back stronger and more resilient than ever before.

  • Interviewing and Networking

    You'll learn how to prepare for both behavioural and technical interviews, as well as how to network effectively in the motorsport industry.

Course curriculum

    1. An introduction to Motorsport Careers

    2. Before you begin - read our disclaimer

    1. Understanding the different types of motorsport disciplines

    2. Roles and functions within the motorsport industry

    3. Getting to know the key players in the motorsport industry

    4. The Expansive World of Motorsport

    5. A career in motorsport doesn't have to begin in Formula 1

    6. Recognising the Unique Opportunities Offered by More Niche Series Like Extreme E and Formula E

    7. Deciding on your Career Path

    8. Quiz: Introduction to Motorsport

    1. Nurturing Soft Skills for Motorsport Success

    2. Understanding the different educational pathways

    3. Every path is unique

    4. Researching potential employers in the industry

    5. Quiz: Building the Foundation

    1. Understanding the application process

    2. International Applications

    3. Crossing industries into Motorsport

    4. Quiz: Finding and Applying for Jobs

    1. Identifying the different types of work experience available in the motorsport industry

    2. How to get the most out of work experience

    3. Identifying Enrichment Opportunities for Building Knowledge and Experience

    4. Navigating the Internship Process

    5. Understanding Grad Schemes

    6. Quiz: Work Experience and Enrichment Opportunities

    1. Preparing for motorsport-specific interviews

    2. Navigating Automated Recruitment Software

    3. Mastering the STAR Method

    4. Building Confidence in the Interview Process

    5. Building a professional network in the motorsport industry

    6. Using LinkedIn

    7. Quiz: Interviewing and Networking

About this course

  • £39.00
  • 72 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content


  • Is this course guaranteed to make me a motorsport superstar?

    Sorry, we can't guarantee that you'll become the next Lewis Hamilton, but we'll do our best to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the industry.

  • What is the motorsport course all about?

    This course is a comprehensive programme that covers everything you need to know about achieving a career in motorsport.

  • Who is the course designed for?

    The course is designed for anyone interested in motorsports, whether you're just starting out or a career-changer.

  • How long does the course last?

    The programme is self-study so you can follow it in your own pace in your own time. It's designed to follow you through your journey into the industry.

  • Is there a certificate awarded upon completion of the course?

    Yes, upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion that will show your dedication to the industry to future employers.

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